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Course Synposis

In this course you will learn the basics of Python, Linux and Maya which are the core components in Animation/VFX/Gaming pipelines in studios across the world.

Student will learn about the various departments involved in a pipeline and how each contributes to the final product. Will learn and develop the pipeline by taking entities through the all departments. Student will understand how each department contributes to the final product and the flow of data from department to department.
Develop tools in Python and use Maya Python API (or MEL) to automate some redundant tasks for artists.

Further understand basics of Production tracking using Shotgun and RV as a Media & Review tool. Once student completes their TD course, we assure that he/she will acquire the in depth Animation/VFX/Gaming pipeline in a nutshell.

TD curriculum: Level 1 & 2 courses starts from 23rd October.

TD Curriculum

Level 1 - TD Basics ( 4 Weeks)
Level 2 - Core Concepts ( 8 Weeks)
Level 3 - TD Essentials ( 8 weeks)
Level 4 - Backend Technical Direction ( 8 weeks)
Level 5 - Shotgun Integration( 12 weeks)

Course Synposis

Modeling is much more than just making something “cool” looking assets. Your model has to be functional, believable, appealing and practical for other departments to work with.

You will be taught not only how do you model a character from scratch but also how to effectively use next gen tools like ZBrush.
Throughout the course we’ll show you techniques, tips and tricks to improve and speed up your workflow.

At the end of this course, you will have learned a lot about making a successful character model for production and how to improve your own workflow to increase your efficiency. You will have a solid understanding of what it takes to excel in the VFX/Animation industry as a successful Modeling artist.

Modeling curriculum: Beginner, Intermediate and Advance Level courses starts from 23rd October.

Modeling Curriculum

Beginner Level - Modeling Foundation (8 weeks)
Beginner Level - Zbrush ( 6 weeks)
Intermediate Level - Organic Modeling (12 weeks)
Intermediate Level - Hard Surface (12 weeks)
Advanced Level - Organic Modeling (15 weeks)

Course Synposis

The specialized Character Animation training at Native Puppets currently has 5 Levels. The duration of each Level is 14 weeks consisting of two parts. The program is entirely conducted online and your assignments are critiqued on a weekly basis, by some of the top talent (click here to view our Mentor list) from the animation industry.

Animation curriculum: Level 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 courses starts from 23rd October.

Animation Curriculum

Orientation - Basic Elements of Animation (10 weeks)
Level 1 - The Core : Principles of Animation (12 Weeks)
Level 2 - Body Mechanics : The First Step ( 12 weeks)
Level 3 - Body Mechanics : The Transition (12 weeks)
Level 4 - Acting : Progressive approach to Acting in Animation ( 12 Weeks)
Level 5 - Acting : Creating believable performances (12 weeks)

Course Synposis

This course gives an overview and in depth understanding of tools and techniques like Shotgun, Excel and Scheduling for aspiring production professionals. Whether you are new to Shotgun or a person who is looking to improve your Excel skills or one who wants to boost your career by learning more about Scheduling. Don’t worry, we have got you covered, you are at the right place.

In this course, you will learn about
– Creating and managing projects with Shotgun;
– Using Excel to create efficient formulas,essential features and best practices to track data associated with a production.
– Making schedules for a project from production experts from the industry.

You have a choice to do all the courses or just choose the ones you want to be best at.

Production Curriculum

Producing with Shotgun (10 weeks)
Exceling with Excel ( 8 weeks)
Scheduling ( Level 9 weeks)

Course Synposis

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in the Computer Graphics Industry, you’re most likely confused about where to start. What one might not know is that the magic of CGI you see on screen is achieved through the help of a lot of artists spread across multiple departments – some of which are Modeling, Animation and Lighting. Without an understanding of the departments, it would be difficult to decide what one should do. We at Native Puppets aim to help you discover where your true talent and passion lies. And once we’ve identified that, we will counsel you on your next course of action.

In order to do this, we’ve come up with a Pipeline Fundamentals course, which is designed to provide you an introduction to the world of CG Animation over the course of three months. This course enables you to learn essential fundamental skills and gives you a greater understanding of the interdependencies between the different disciplines in a modern production pipeline. It will also teach you the tools and interfaces of industry standard 3D software with which you will bring your imagination to life!

Pipeline curriculum: Course starts from 23rd October.

Pipeline Curriculum

CG Animation Curriculum ( 14 weeks)

Course Synposis

Here’s a Story Boarding course designed to create adept artists ready to work for Animation and VFX. It has been designed keeping in mind the professional requirements that meets the current needs of the industry.

This course will equip students with the Art and aesthetics of Storyboarding for films, Games and advertisements. At the end, students will know how fun it is to storyboard an idea of narrative and give it a visual form.

Learn the ins and outs of storyboarding in the process of filmmaking in a very precise way. This course is also useful for those who are aspiring to become good storytellers, modelers, sculpting artists, editors and animators.

StoryBorading curriculum: Level 1 & 2 courses starts from 23rd October.

StoryBoarding Curriculum

Level 1 - Elements of Story Boarding( 14 weeks)
Level 2 - Creating action and types of Story Borading ( 11 weeks)

Course Synposis

This is an Advanced Drawing Course designed to create adept artists ready to work for Animation and VFX keeping in view the professional requirements that meets the current needs of the industry. Ability to draw and create quick sketches is a prerequisite to work in any area of Animation and Film making.

Drawings help in enhancing your observation and understanding of the subject thereby making you a better artist who can take and translate quality inputs into aesthetic creations. This course will help greatly to improve on your skills and aesthetic sense by learning the fundamentals of Anatomy, perspective, color and design principles.

Students will learn how to design Characters, layouts and properties. Very useful for storyboarding and comic artists, sculptors, modelers, rigging, lighting and layout artists.

Digital Drawing curriculum: Level 1 & 2 courses starts from 23rd October.

Digital Drawing Curriculum

Level 1 - Drawing Basics & Figure Structuring ( 14 weeks)
Level 2 - Prinicipels of Art & Color and applying them ( 12 weeks)

Students are given weekly assignments, which are due towards the end of each week.

Students interact via live video conference with the mentors once in a week to talk about their assignments and discuss on topics specific to the week’s assignment.

The student site also features recorded feedback on assignments, online forums and a social-network-format where in students can post the developments on their assignments and get feedback from their peers and mentors before uploading it for review.


Native Puppets is an online program focused on providing high quality training in Character Animation. Everything about the program, right from the curriculum, the character designs and the rigs, has been designed and developed by leading working professionals from the industry.

The program features an interactive ‘social network-kind’ platform and this enables a student to learn and network with professional animators who have years of industry experience working on international quality projects. This format also allows for increased peer-to-peer interaction, wherein once a student posts his assignment on his ‘student wall’, his classmates and buddies within the entire program are notified and they in turn can leave feedback. This helps in polishing an assignment before you submit your shots for review by your mentor.

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