What are the programs currently offered at Native Puppets?

We are currently focused on providing quality training for 3D Character Animation. A student can join either from a beginner, intermediate or advanced level.

I am interested to join but don't know which level to start from?

Every applicant would have to provide a link to some character animation work done by them that showcases their current skill levels. It could be something as simple as a bouncing ball to a walk-cycle or an acting shot. We would screen the work and recommend the appropriate Level the student can join from.

Do the mentors at Native Puppets have industry experience?

Our mentors are working professionals during their regular day jobs and teach animation off-work hours. Check out our mentor’s section to know more about them.

What is the duration of the entire program?

The specialized Character Animation training at Native Puppets currently has 5 Levels. The duration of each Level is 14 weeks consisting of two parts. The program is flexible and students can join the program starting from any Level.

Does the program include four-legged animals, creatures training?

We will be creating a dedicated level to address these topics on a future date.

Do I have to start from Level 1 or can I join from a Level of my choice?

No, it is not mandatory to start from Level 1. While filling the application form, a student has to submit a link to his / her show-reel, that show cases the current skill Levels. You will also be given an option to select a Level of your choice. We would then screen the work and recommend the appropriate Level the student can join from.

How will I get feedback on assignments?

The feedback on the assignments will be recorded and uploaded to the student site. The student can view the feedback at his convenience any time.There will be a follow-up class by the mentor on the recorded feedback via the ‘live session’ to clarify on any doubts.

Be sure to check out our ‘How It Works’ section to know more about the process.

I can’t draw! Can I still learn to animate?

Absolutely! While the ability to draw helps in the process, it is surely not a necessity.Through the Levels, students will be exposed to various workflows, which they can then improvise on to suit their own working style and overcome any shortcomings.

Does Native Puppets provide job placements?

No. We do not provide any job placements.
However, we are well-networked with in the industry. So if we see a student shine with his assignments, we will surely recommend these students to the studios that are hiring.

I work full-time. Will I be able to work on the assignments?

Absolutely. Online training brings with it a lot of possibilities. The average time required each week to work on the assignments is anywhere between 16 – 22 hours and this is completely at your convenience.

What is the required Internet speed?

A minimum of 1mbps line is our recommended Internet speed for optimum site and live video conference experience.

How are you different from other existing online programs?

The crux about any of the goodonline training program is in the ‘feedback’ on the assignments by industry experts. It is the only way students will develop an eye and get better at what they do. Our objectives are simple and clear – which is to provide high quality training and helping applicants make a solid demo reel.

How often will I get to interact with my mentor?

Students interact with the mentor once a week in a live classroom setting. Students receive recorded feedback on assignments – they are expected to view this feedback and then attend the live class to have any doubts cleared.

What time of the day will the live-classes be held?

This varies from mentor to mentor. Since all of our mentors are working professionals, you can expect the live classes to be conducted post-normal work hours to the Indian Standard Time (IST) zone.

What is the mentor to student ratio?

Maximum of 10 students / mentor / batch.

What kinds of resources are provided to the students in the learning process?

The primary sources of learning at Native Puppets is the ‘feedback’ a student gets on his assignments other than the ‘weekly live question and answer’ session with the mentors, wherein a student can clarify his doubts, talk about workflows and discuss on concepts relevant to the assignment of the week.

Students will also be recommended to invest in books to help them in their research and familiarize themselves with concepts in animation.

Also as a continued process, the video repository will be populated withselect, crisp and focused video lectures ranging from explanation of key concepts to workflow videos and interviews.

Is the program offered in local Indian languages?

While the primary spoken-language within the program is English, local Indian languages can surely be accommodated for specific needs.

By least, we realize language should ever be a barrier to learning this wonderful art form.

Please note, this will be dealt with on need basis and number of students enrolling for a particular language. Send an email to [email protected] to find out support for any particular language.

What are the payment options?

You can choose to pay for all 5 Levels-at-once (resulting in big savings) or pay-as-you-go Level-by-Level. Click here to see the pricing structure.