TD Mentors

About Indraneel Srivastav

Indraneel Srivastava is a Senior Technical Director who has worked with DreamWorks Animation for over 5 years, improving and building the pipeline for departments like Lighting, Matte Painting and Image Finaling. He has knowledge of the complete animation pipeline and specialises in dealing with cross-site workflows (where work is shared across different continents).

He has worked on seven features films including Boss Baby, Kung Fu Panda 3, and Trolls.
Games like Max Payne and FIFA, and movies like Matrix inspired him to join the CG industry.

Lead TD
Base FX, China

About Sukhpal Singh Vasdev

Sukhpal Singh Vasdev is a Technical Director who completed his MBA (Finance and Media) from Indian Institute of Business Management and Studies.

He has worked with major production houses like Base FX, DreamWorks Animation, Technicolor and Xentrix Studios and is highly skilled in Maya, Shotgun, Python, Nuke, MEL and Rigging. He has worked on projects like The Boss Baby, Home, and Penguins of Madagascar.

Senior TD
Base FX, China

About Venu Krishnamurthy

Venu Krishnamurthy is a Technical Director in the computer animation industry who comes with over a decade of experience in a range of productions including feature films, DVD movies, short films and TV series. His previous work experience has been with DreamWorks Animation where he worked as a Crowd TD and a FX TD.

Some of his credits include Lego Batman, Lego Ninjago, Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted, Penguins of Madagascar and Disney’s Tinkerbell DVD series.

Senoir TD
Base FX, China

About Sriram Viswanathan

Sriram Viswanathan is a software technology manager at MPC who is passionate about animation and the movie making process. He has been in the animation industry for over a decade now.

After receiving a PG Diploma in 3D Animation from the Image College of Arts, he started working as a character rigging artist at Paprikaas Animation Studio. He later moved to tool development to help automate many pipeline pieces & departmental workflows.

He went on to take up the role as a Technical Director at DreamWorks Animation where he was involved in providing various technical & workflow solutions to the movie making process. This role set a platform for him to become the Technology Project Lead where he was also involved in planning and monitoring various projects across technology using Agile Methodologies.

Software Technology Manager,
Technicolor India Pvt. Ltd