(This Session was Organized by FrameBench and Native Puppets was the Animation Critique Partner – providing valuable feedback to Animators on the Student Reel)

In my opinion the feedback was excellent, I think it helped to me to improve my demo reel a lot and Anand said very interesting things about animation, plus the feedback drawing frame to frame in my animation was awesome!.I’m very grateful for the critique session. Thank you very much.   – Pedro Pablo De La Llave -Barcelona

First of all, thanks again for the amazing feedback I’ve got.  It was really awesome and helpful.  I was the first one to received the feedback and there were some technical problems, but putting that aside, everything else was more than excellent. – Heman Giraldo – Colombia


I think that day everything was really good, I loved the feedback Anand gave me, all the platform was really good, the communication was good and fast. I only have good words for the CritFest.- Peblo Foumier – Amsterdam


What students have to say about the program and their learning experience at Native Puppets.



“My experience so far with Native Puppets has been really amazing and I have learnt a lot of new concepts in 3d animation here. I first came to know about Native Puppets from my husband. Though I have done a few courses earlier in 3d animation, it is here in Native Puppets that I really could map the concepts of 2d animation in 3d environment and had a thorough understanding of the basic concepts. The entire process of this course is fun because you can work on your assignments wherever you are and at whatever time you can and still do any other personal work you have in the day. I would definitely recommend this program to a lot of people who are looking to study animation, because this is the first of its kind online course in India and feels promising than any other institutes and courses.”


I really enjoyed taking the acting workshop at Native Puppets. I chose NP because it was recommended by a friend and the program was online so it made it very convenient.  The feedback I received was very detailed and helpful. I would highly recommend this program to other animation students.


My learning experience at Native Puppets has been very good so far. What made me choose NP was that this was the only program that exclusively taught character animation, and that is  what I want to learn. I’ve definitely enjoyed the Critiques and the Q & As. Feedback is something I never got while I was initially trying to learn character animation. I would certainly recommend NP to who ever wishes to learn character animation.



“My learning experience at Native Puppets has been really good so far. I opted for the program, as it was more affordable. The learning process I enjoy the most is planning & blocking an assignment. I am also satisfied with the mentor’s feedback that I have received on my shots.”



“Even being in the industry for quiet long time and already knowing a lot about animation…now being at NP,I am learning lots of new stuff i might not have thought of…specially the Live sessions being my favorite where I can interact with my mentor.

I’m married, have a family and working in a studio in Mumbai and still its not that difficult to manage – since its all online. Even the time slots are designed keeping the working professionals in mind.

I prefer Native Puppets as the mentors and the program curriculum is to international standards and best part – its online.”



“It’s been great till now. My mentor has been very supportive in giving feedback and pushing me to get more out of my shot. I considered other online programs but found them very expensive and given the state of the rupee-dollar equation, Native Puppets made affordable sense.

I enjoy the entire learning process – shooting references,blocking, splining my animation,polishing and the live Q&A’s. Since the feedbacks for other students are all recorded, I benefit from learning from other students mistakes as well.

I will surely suggest Native Puppets to my friends interested to learn Character Animation.”



“This is like a great opportunity for me that i am learning from the best and the experienced animators of our industry…and the thing which i really liked about NP is, your mentor will always try to refine and work on your idea and will try to get the best output from it rather than changing the idea.

In this way I learnt a lot of new things about storytelling and performance and the guest lectures are also very helpful and exciting part of the course.”



“Learning experience at Native Puppets is great! Mentors are very supportive and encourage trying new things. This program provides the right knowledge required by the Animation industry and that too at an affordable cost as compared to other programs. I enjoy the video feedback, & the live Q&A session is very exciting … because of that, I get to learn more and more…Learning is fun here in this program, and the website is also good, love to interact with the other members and share work with them. Mentors are also very friendly and supportive.”



“It was very challenging to get ‘happy’ feedback from your mentor in a constructive sense, which I felt was great. They kept inspiring and encouraging us constantly, so you still had the spirit left even after a big ‘shot-thrashing’.

The part I enjoyed the most was socializing with the mentor and squeezing them for info, hands down. Then the guest lectures are brilliant.

I would recommend Native Puppets faster than you can blink an eye!



I liked the whole workshop. All the speakers were great who shared their experience,tips and workflow. Would like to see more such events coming up to encourage and inspire upcoming Artist


Really amazing information was delivered by the various awesome presenters who are great animators aside from being industry professionals. It’s this sort of valuable info that really helps people who are struggling with their animation and helps look at things from a different perspective


It was a wonderful opportunity; I wish artists and animators all over the world can get the privilege of experiencing such an event on a regular basis. The workshop was insightful, structured and professional, and the amount of knowledge that I learned on this one day in the work shop is greater than the amount of knowledge I’ve acquired in one entire semester at my college! Thanks for this great opportunity and experience 🙂


I was waiting for this day for a long time,meaning some one to have a full day workshop on animation with industrial high talents with low cost as an entry fees