The Art-Animation-Tech COMPETITION

ABAI proudly presents the first of its kind in India

‘The Art-Animation-Tech COMPETITION’

in association with ‘Govt. of Karnataka’ and Industry Partners.

What is the Art-Animation-Tech Competition ?

The ‘Art-Animation-Tech Competition’ is India’s first of its kind Competition challenge where contestants will go through a creative/technical and physical endurance test for up to 30 hours to claim the coveted ‘CG’ Title.

This is being supported by some of the top Animation Studios in India along with Support from the leading Industry Partners.

This Challenge will have two separate categories – Professional and Students.

Why you should participate ?

CG AKHADA 2017 is a great platform to exhibit your talent, get noticed and also win exciting prizes. It’s not only about winning, but also about participating, rubbing shoulders with industry professionals and showing a strong effort thus taking a meaningful step in the right direction for growth

How Does It Work and What is the CG Title?

Simple. If you feel you have what it takes to be creatively and physically challenged for up to 30 hours, this competition is for you.
The Competition has various Categories in the field of Art, Animation and Technology – see the various category listing below.

All contestants will be given online challenge in the month of November on different dates and they would compete to create the most compelling art, animation and piece of technology in a controlled setting. Basic supplies will be provided, apart from a provision to get those 40 winks of rest. The theme will be revealed prior to the start of the Challenge.

The Winners take home exciting prizes and will wear the CG Title till the next year’s Challenge.

Of course! We understand this is something completely different in the field of Animation! Be sure to check the FAQ section below and in the respective categories as well, to see if your query has already been answered. If not, we are by your side at [email protected] Do not forget to mention ‘Competition’ in your subject line. Yay! Let’s strap on!


The “Art-Animation-Tech Competition” comprises of SEVEN exciting categories