How To Get Better at Storyboarding

Webinar on Storyboarding

JANUARY 26, Sun 10.00am IST

How to Get Better at Storyboarding by Swarna Prasad


Swarna Prasad has over 24 years of experience in the animation industry. After his BFA degree in Applied Arts at College of Fine Arts Bangalore, he completed his Post graduation in Animation Film Design from the prestigious National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. He was professionally trained in classical 2d animation by father of Indian Animation, Mr Ram Mohan in mumbai. He regards this phase at Mumbai as the golden years in his career. Over the years, he has worked on various International projects in 2d classical and 3d for Clients like Saban, Universal studios, Wild Brain, Disney, Warner Brothers and Lego.

For the past 15 years, his focus has been on Pre-Production Design with extensive experience in Storyboarding on many International content. He loves sharing his Experience and Knowledge with the seminars and workshops.

Topics for the Webinar

  1. General Storyboard Tips & Tricks
  2. Gags 
  3. Composition
  4. Camera Angles
  5. Animatics
  6. Common Mistakes
  7. Design
  8. Expressions and Model Sheets
  9. FX
  10. Generating Ideas
  11. Using Reference
  12. Case Studies
  13. Analysing Live-Action
  14. Cartoony Style vs PreProduction for Live-Action

Who can attend ?

If you enjoy the story-telling and pre-production process in the field of Animation & VFX, this webinar is for you.

Both students and professionals will benefit from the session.

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Native Puppets frequently conducts Webinars for the benefit of the community, so professionals, students and aspirants can meet and interact with Industry Experts, right from the comfort of their homes. In these sessions, the Speakers share tips, tricks, do’s-don’ts, share their experiences, discuss on workflow methodologies, case-studies and how to make a mark in the industry. This will be an Interactive Session, where participants can ‘Ask Questions’ to the Speaker directly.

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Dec 2nd, Sat 9pm IST: Character Animation Webinar with DAVE BURGESS, Ex-Head of Animation at DreamWorks Animation

Acting in Animation: Approach & Shot-breakdown

In this webinar, Dave will talk in detail about how he approaches acting in animation, his thought-process right from planning his shot to final polish pass. Dave has over 30 years of industry experience having worked on many blockbuster hollywood features both at Disney & DreamWorks Animation.


David Burgess is currently in working on The Lego Movie sequel, due to hit theatres in Spring 2019. Prior to this, Burgess worked at DreamWorks Animation where he served as head of character animation for animated features like TrollsTurbo and Monsters vs. Aliens. He is also known for his work as supervising animator on Megamind and Over the Hedge.

At Disney, he worked on many of their most successful hand-drawn productions. His assignments included: supervising animator on Tarzan (Professor Porter) and The Lion King (The Hyenas), as well as working as an animator on Beauty and the Beast (Gaston/Bimbettes) and Aladdin (Genie), among many others.

Nirmal David – Creative Director, HOBO STUDIOS

In the next segment of Meet the Expert Webinar series, Native Puppets presents – ‘Making of Bot Rods – ‘a high adrenaline racing game set in a futuristic world’ by the creator Nirmal David – Founder / Creative Director, Hobo Studios. Nirmal, a game-design expert who will walk you through the process of game development right from the ideation stage, level-design, game mechanics, production and the eventual promotion and distribution of a game.

Short note about the game – ‘the Bot Rods world is inhabited by adorable characters from many species and their equally lovable Bots (robot vehicles). Check more about Bot Rods at – and be ready with your questions during the webinar on 7th October, Sat, 11.00 AM IST.

NICOLAS CHAUVELOT  – Lead Character Animator

As an animator, one of the most satisfying moments is when you get the ownership to develop a character by identifying certain traits and mannerisms. Join us for a Webinar with the talented Nicolas Chauvelot who as Lead Animator / Supervising Animator on various shows has shouldered this responsibility. Hear from Nico how he approaches developing nuances for a character that is idiosyncratic to the personality.

About Nico:
Nico graduated from Gobelins (Paris), has over 10 years of industry experience in the Animation industry. He has very high-level of understanding of animation timing, acting and storytelling techniques. His ability to bring about strong appeal in characters and uniqueness in acting choices saw him quickly rise up the ranks in becoming Lead and Supervising Animators on various high-quality projects while at DreamWorks Animation. In 2011 Nico was nominated for Annie Awards for the Shrek franchise Scared Shrekless in the Best Character Animation Category.
He currently works at ON Animation Studio, Montreal, Canada as Lead Animator.
Penguins of Madagascar (lead animator)
Justin and the Knights of Valour (animation supervisor)
Madly Madagascar (Video short) (supervising animator)
Puss in Boots (animation supervisor)
Scared Shrekless (TV Short) (animation supervisor)
Merry Madagascar (TV Short) (animator: Dreamworks India Unit)

Govind Kalburgi, Technicolor India Pvt. Ltd

The number of things to keep track of on a Animation or VFX Production can be mind numbing! Autodesk Shotgun makes it much easier to navigate this elusive maze of handling Production for CGI Projects.

Learn from Govind Kalburgi, an industry specialist and Associate Producer @ Technicor India about how Shotgun is the gold standard – not just for Production Tracking, but also Pipeline Integration. Join us for a webinar with Govind Kalburgi and get a peek at the multitude of ways in which Shotgun can streamline the production workflow. #Animation #Shotgun #Autodesk #VFX #Gaming #Production #Management #FedUpOfSpreadsheets

Ravi Kamble

Developing stylised characters for animation is not as easy as you might think, and infusing those characters with long-lasting appeal is even harder. Join us with Ravi Kamble, Lead /Supervising Animator on various shows, on how he developed his expertise in stylizing characters through his own unique way. Hear from him the approach he took while developing Dave – the Octopus (one of the most challenging characters of CGI Animation) while working on Penguins of Madagascar on 16th Sept, 5pm IST.
#MeetTheExpert, #Webinar, #CharacterAnimation#OnlineAnimationTraining.

Santosh Dora Babu, CCO Bluebert Games

“Why Kattapa killed Bahubali” was finally revealed in prequel but how & what were the initial stages in storytelling of Bahubali that led to the formation of mega blockbuster?

Native Puppets in the next webinar will take you through the journey of Bahubali with Santosh Dora Babu, Previz and storyboarding Supervisor, on “Storytelling of Bahubali”.

Santosh, cheif creative officer at Bluebert Games, has been part movies like RIPD, Attack on Titans, Percy Jackson and sea monster and many more during his tenure of 15+ years in industry. Join us for a webinar with Santosh Dora Babu on 18th Sept and explore the untold storytelling part of Bahubali’s
#MeetTheExpert, #Webinar, #CharacterAnimation#OnlineAnimationTraining #storyboarding #storytelling

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